K ! C K $

Comment if you want one. I’m not sure how the actual prints will come out, but this is gonna be for sale.

It will be printed on some very nice textured paper but the face will be hand screen printed. There will be some variation in the prints due to this. Photo and illustration by me. Signed and numbered.

This is the first of a series of 3. If no one orders any I will print 3-5 of each…

so let me know. Price: $25 + shipping. (I’ll get a shipping quote to you if you need it)

First pic is printed. This one is a bit crooked so its not for sale. The other three are straight and ready to be screened. Very soon.


One thought on “K ! C K $

  1. I’ll post a pic of them once their printed so you can see what the print will actually look like.

    This is close though.